Piri Reis University Marine Cycling Team has been participating in the international sea cycling race since 2014, with the production and driving of students, which have been held between universities in various countries of Europe since 1979. Piri Reis University Marine Cycling Team, which finished second in the 2017 General Classification, is third in the 2018 Bollard Pull discipline overall, Fourth place in the FSB (Forward-Stop-Backward) race in 2018 and fourth place in the 200-meter sprint race in 2018, Fourth place in the 100-meter sprint race in 2017, fourth place in the overall ranking in long-distance discipline in 2017, and finally in 2017, he entered the 100-meter slalom race in group A and finished sixth. 

GİSBİR continues to support the Piri Reis university cycling team, which represents our country with good degrees, for the achievements it will receive in the future